World Data Viz Challenge 2018

International Workshop on Data Visualization

BARCELONA Round November 2018
KOBE Round February 2019

Solving problems of your city with the power of data

Sensors covered city, people have smartphones, these devices connected to the cloud.
Data that stream flows on the network is like a mirror of the city.

We are looking for visualization and applications those solve urban problems by utilizing data on cities such as dynamic data or statistics.

Participation recruitment was closed

Project for Human resources development by Kobe and Barcelona in cooperation

Barcelona well known as leader of smart city and Kobe are cooperating in the field of Open Government, Open Data and Smart City as a sister city.
This workshop aim to human resource development on those fields. We prepared a workshop on datavisuaization and smartcity tour at Barcelona.

We are looking for data visualization works and applications

Apply for data visualization works and applications that are useful for solving urban problems.
Present your work in Barcelona on November and brush up it based on feedback from mentors and other participants.
Make a final presentation at the Kobe Japan in February.

Present the work on the international stage

It is a great opportunity to get new ideas by having opinions with mentors and other global participants.
Participants will be recruited in Japan and Spain.
Build a network by interacting with other participants.
It will surely be useful for future activities of you.

Smart City Expo World Congress 2018

The world's largest exhibition "Smart City Expo World Congress 2018" with the theme of smart city.
This workshop will be held simultaneously with the exhibition. It is a greate opportunity to chatch up on smart city.

Visualization of urban problems

Data visualization is a very effective tool when citizen think about cities. It helps to visualize state of the city, clarify the problem, and conceive solutions. Data visualization is also effective for measuring the effect of solutions.
Also, data visualization is greate tool when trying to practice PDCA cycle in urban planning.

image by Eric Fischer on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Open Data

You can use Open Data for data visualizaion.
Currently, cities around the world efforts make to open up data to allow anyone to handle it freely.
Kobe City and Barcelona City have Open Data catalog site. Other cities, countries, World Bank, European Union etc. are also providing Open Data. These open data are an excellent material for data visualizaion.

Following sites are major Open Data catalog sites. various statistics, geospatial data etc. are registered.

Barcelona Round
at BARCELONA, November 2018

Workshop Day 1

We will have Presentations of Digital & Open Data Policies by Barcelona and Kobe City Councils.
They will introduce their strategy and measures for Digital and Open Data.

Venu is in 22@ area. This area has indsutrial heritages has been reborn as the cluster of new industies such as IT, creative and social.

※The venue may be changed.

22@ Area 22@ Area
photo from

Workshop Day 2

Participants from Spain and Japan will talk about their data visualization works at Barcelona Stand at Smart City Expo World Congress.

Els Ateneus de Fabricacio


Day 1
09:00Opening words Opening words by Kobe and Barcelona officials
09:10Keynote speechOpen Data and Open Innovation Policy of Kobe by Hidetoshi TERASAKI, Vice Mayor
10:00Keynote speechBarcelona Digital Policies (Barcelona Digital Plan and government measures) by Ms Francesca Bria, Commissioner for Technology and Digital Innovation
10:50Keynote speechData Policies and Open Data Resources, by Marius Boada, Director of Barcelona Municipal Office for Data
12:00Lunch buffet
Day 2
15:00Opening Talk
Institutional Welcome
15:15PresentationPresentation of Data Visualization by Barcelona and Kobe (Group 1)
17:00Winner’s Presentation
Presentation of the winning school project of the 2018 edition of “Barcelona Open Data Challenge”, the Barcelona City Council’s high school initiative (tbc)
17:30PresentationPresentation of Data Visualization by Barcelona and Kobe (Group 2)

The Smart City tour at Barcelona

We will hace an tour to learn about Barcelona Open Data and advanced cases of Smart City.
Barcelona city are challenging to utilize data and digital technology to solve social problems, improve social innovation and quality of life.
It is a great opportunity to deepen your understanding why Barcelona City boasts one's presence in the world wide.

Since 2000, Barcelona City has been promoting a large-scale smart city project with the aim to creating industries and innovation.
In 2006-2008 Barcelona City implemented the ICING project the first initiative of urban management using sensors.

※Site will TBA

Inspection sites (Achievements in 2016)

Institut Municipal d´Informatica de Barcelona
The Municipal Institute of Information Technology (IMI) is a local independent Barcelona City Council body that was set up in 1990 to provide Barcelona City Council and the public companies under its wing with all their Information and Communication Technology Services.
IMI is aware of the importance of ICTs in today’s society. That is why the Institute is playing a crucial role in the city, not just as a technology benchmark but also as a key piece in the territorial
equilibrium and in promoting local entrepreneurship. This vision includes projects from a very diverse range of areas which ensure the ongoing improvement of municipal services and resources.
Barcelona Urban Ecology Agency
BCNecologia (the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona) is a public consortium consisting of the City Council of Barcelona, ​​the Municipal Council and Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona and the Barcelona Provincial Council.
BCNecologia has done projects for various public institutions, foundations, organizations and companies, both nationally and internationally.
BCNecologia applies a systemic approach to the management of cities to encourage a more sustainable model. In order to achieve this, the agency provides sustainable solutions related to mobility, energy, waste management, water management, urban planning, biodiversity and social cohesion.
Together with their beneficiaries, BCNecologia identifies problems and their causes, makes proposals, analyzes the technical feasibility, quantifies the results and provides administrative support in managing and implementing projects.
Ateneus de Fabricacio
The Ateneus de Fabricacio programs are aimed to encouraging and promoting civic social innovation.
People live in neighbors can enjoy spaces, tools and public and open resources, work on the net and propose projects. Spaces of this project have Tools (eg. 3D printer, laser cutter, for electronic work) Neighbors can use those tools and create good things for society with their free ideas.
Els Ateneus de Fabricacio
都市生態学庁 BCNEcologia
Els Ateneus de Fabricacio Ateneus de Fabricacio photo by Ateneus de Fabricacio

Kobe Round
at KOBE, February 2019

Best presentation will announcing in Round Kobe

Kobe City launched numerous projects in the urban development and ICT field such as Open Data, set data utilization courses for city hall staff, incubation for start-up etc.

Keynote speech on smart city and digital city of Kobe and Barcelona, Presentation of data visualization by participants.

The presentation will be in English or Japanese. Interpretation in Japanese and English will be planed.

Get Involved!


Design Creative Centor KIITO

hall Design Creative Centor KIITO
photo from
Image of Workshop Design Creative Centor KIITO
photo from


Details are currently being adjusted. It is subject to change.

Day 1
13:00Opening talk From the organizer
13:10Keynote speechOpen Government in Kobe (TBD)
14:00Keynote speechDigital Strategy in Barcelona (TBD)
15:00PresentationIntroducing Civic Teck and corporate activities with the theme of Smart City and Digital City
16:00coffee/tea break
16:20Data Viz Competition PresentationGroup 1
13:00Keynote speechOpenData Strategy in Barcelona (TBD)
14:00PresentationIntroducing Civic Teck and corporate activities with the theme of Smart City and Digital City
15:00Data Viz Competition PresentationGroup2
16:20coffee/tea break
16:40Awards / Comments
17:30Closing PartyParticipation fee required
Photo by Takahiro Hayashi on Flickr

Application requirements

Below, it will be the application requirements of the presenter. (Closed!!)

Application period

Aug 6 (Mon.) - Sep 7 (Fri.) 17:00 deadline (Japanese Standard Time)

Eligibility for entry

We do not care for age, nationality, or gender.
Entry by group (Maximum 2 people) are also allowed.


Deadline for entry
Sep 3 (Mon.)
Announcing results
Sep 10 (Mon.) (TBD)
Meetup with participants
Sep 9 (Sun.) (TBD)※1
Barcelona round
Nov 11 (Sat.) - Nov 13 (Tue.)(TBD)
Interim event
Dec mid (TBD)※1
Kobe round
Feb 16 (Sat.) - Feb 17 (Sun.)(TBD)

※1 at Kobe Japanese

※2 at Kobe Japanese

Participation fee

Barcelona round
50,000yen (plus tax) per person※3
Kobe round

※3 Include the hotel bill for four nights. (Will be arranged shared room for two person)
(Not include air tickets and any other cost for staying)

※4 Not include air tickets and any cost for visiting and staying.

Number of person

15 pairs (Applications with individuals or groups are allowed)*(Judges will decide with document review)

Application method

Entry from "Entry Form".

manndetory information

Information about applicant

If you apply for groups, please fill in all the information of each member.

Presentation about the work

Please prepare materials describing the work to be presented at the workshop. There is no necessity to attach a work that is necessarily completed at the stage of judging. We will evaluate the concept and motivation and judge it. (It is necessary to be in a state where demonstration and presentation can be done in the production, and it is necessary to complete by the Kobe round in February.)

Selection method

Kobe City staff and experts (Civic hackers, designers, etc.) will be judge.

Selection criteria

ConceptIs the problem setting and way of thinking is excellent.40
Utilization of Open DataHow Open Data usage.20
Self PRPR your skill or social activities.10
Ability to realizeIs there skill that is necessary to complete the work.30

Notification the results

The result of the screening will be notified by e-mail.

Other application conditions


World Viz Challenge 2018